Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Cui RD-2

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is all about “one.”  This is a picture of an Ecuadorian delicacy called cui, otherwise known as guinea pig.  Against my wishes, my husband ordered it for lunch one day and when he offered me a bite, I reluctantly I ate it.  It actually didn’t taste that bad…a little like chicken.  I would never order it on my own but at least now I can say I tried it.  🙂

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  1. That is a WONDERFUL submission for the weekly challenge! I just stared for the longest time trying to figure out what animal it is. You are brave, I couldn’t have tried it. But I do like that you can say you did!!

  2. Mari Corona says:

    I wouldn’t eat it simply because of its presentation, but I applaud you for giving it a try.

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